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Seasons Greetings!

Busy body starting today. Got new plans for this holidays anyone?
Folks from my home like to celebrate the holidays humbly so it will be just a simple dinner and chat to death.
Sigh, miss my pets...

And they miss me too, I think so. :D
But until then, I'm gonna drown myself gaming Guild Wars 2.
Heard they have great stuff here and so a Toonstorm
Happy Holidays pals!

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Smile is the cheapest therapy

So here is your daily dose... :D

Don't forget to check Toonstorm for some gaming smiles. ^__^
Hi dear readers!

Its been a while since the last post in here. Been busy a lot with our newly feline friend Fido - a 3 and a half month old orange tabby. Hope I could post his picture in here someday. 
 What I like about orange tabbies is that their friendly in nature, mines got a lot of cuddles in his bucket and loves talking out loud. :3 I wonder how true grumpy cat says about this one for you all cat crazy out there >.<

On the other side of the universe, if you have been on unplug gaming from the past weeks, World of Warcraft recently released WoW 5.1 Patch: LandFall in all realms. Getting stoked for this new inclusion of 37 new battle pets to capture and level up. Also Dark Moon Faire Attractions will be hovering around the corner so stay in tune for more updates coming.
Loving this sneak peak...

Well if you're still stuck leveling your character I just want to give you heads up that Toonstorm has characters for your gaming and/or even trade/sell the current one you own for another. :) Be safe and read further cool gaming updates from this blogs.


Hello my dear blogsters! What a roller coaster experience it was last weekend. Ha-Ha. Been at the global launch of yeah snear at me now, breaking dawn last saga. Hmmm so much for some chessy updates, I've got a new addiction in my twitter (its @magie_surfer if I haven't mentioned it to you guys). Grumpycat makes everything lighten I really think your should follow them. I am not a crazy cat lady but I do find him really adorable. Yeah heres a picture of foy you'all...

Well aside from this cat addiction, so much happened at the latest event from GuildWars 2 :  The Lost Shores. Heres a preview from the two days crazy event that was.

How cools is that! You can watch the whole thing in TwitchTV/guildwarsinsider XD I highly suggest you check out cool gears now for better gaming experience. Better yet why now try to look from these high level guild wars 2 account selection from the most trusted site Toonstorm.com . I give you some GW2 updates from here for you to follow :)
Stay tuned. I'll be covering the world championship Battle.net for my next posts.



Howdy fellas!

Its been a while since my last post [you: you don't say?]. Things keep happening a lot since I take my leave. Heres a little something for peace offering :) Hope you ravishingly like it. Haha. 
This one makes my day extra special I hope yours too, boston creampie cupcakes yum

and this game too.

Diablo 3 community are buzzing all over the net for the recent patch release 1.0.5a plus other hotfixes. Really hope to be at inferno level this time after they've reduced the monster power bonus damage at inferno level so I can avail the new event in Tristram the Infernal Machine woot! :) Aye for the wizard class! Let me hear what your characters have been doing on lately. Another thing that makes me sizzling excited is the Battle.net World Championship event from Blizzard in which I have mentioned some spoilers in this post previously. I can hear some loud cheers roaring up already, save your voice folks coz well rock Shanghai for this. 

Guild Wars 2 has been also mind boggling with their recent alert posts for the upcoming new content. Here I give you some clues, it has something to do with sea and the mischief-makers monsters. Will got your round up about this one on my next post. May it happens you've been caving and your character needs polishing or you wish to simply end your gaming addiction, you can sell your diablo3 accounts to Toonstorm.com today and get instant payment! You can also trade it for a high level diablo 3 account there. Just stay safe about it here some great stuff reviews

Stay tuned for upcoming updates!


Another round of new SWTOR stuffs?

Lately, I’m rather enthusiastic about this expansion. I’m wishing for additional information previous to long, nevertheless. There’s a bit of a deficit of info on what exactly it’s about to include things like. I'm sure of which there'll be completely new items in addition to skills, although these usually are style of not any brainers intended for generate factors. Provided that it’s a expansion When i be expecting an abundance of completely new information, in addition to I'm sure they’ll have the capacity to offer with of which ranking. Of course, that are going to be bothersome! Darn this torpedos, whole swiftness onward to SWTOR universe! It's perfect time to indicate most of these pets what exactly we’re crafted from!

buy a swtor account
At this point just one very little matter of which from time to time doesn’t occur to players seeing that practical is usually a sidekick. When i for example don’t are able to engage in having the frequent good friends generally and this also typical actually leaves everyone often seeking to cobble in some sort of doable gathering on my own, or maybe intending alone. This former is usually disheartening further than idea since you look at to discover the suitable persons in group merely to log them out right afterward, or maybe you will get the suitable characters but even so the gamers driving this toons are… a lot less than equipped. It’s rare that your absolutely cohesive workforce can certainly style outside of randomly persons. The other is exceedingly risky, even so, since you also don’t develop the safeguard that your whole party can certainly lend you. Guaranteed, you possibly can assemble your character to stand extremely versatile predicaments, although that forces you to pretty much unproductive when it requires to join a of group, furthermore you aren't able to play with lot of the definitely massive talents available.

Because of this , When i seemed to be thankful to see around the completely new items that they're going to possibly be providing. Most of these trendy weaponry won’t you have to be boring little ankle biters of which indicate simply just often holiday function people sacrificed their time period with all your spouse and children to help attend. With the world of SWTOR, they're going to include a range of fans, this final nature advisors however for being motivated, and may produce everything you could achieve that less of a challenge. Because of this soloing would include a higher higher level of achievements for all of people who would prefer to battle exclusively.

I’m definitely eager for far more particulars every time they are offered. Even so, When i best regards skepticism of which they’re simply just about to allow you such enjoyment completely new objects. They’re about to avail for a quite substantial selling price, so that you should buy highlevel swtor account for sale before the item launches making sure that you’re completely ready in addition to don’t should smash in the future.

A few days ago my friend and I ended up being seeing the modern G.I. Joe film, and yes it reminded us in the previous “public assistance announcements” that they can i did so towards the end of the demonstrate. This specifically convinced us that it could be recommended to accomplish one of my own for your case guys buying guild wars 2 accounts. In fact, there are many problems that one could stay away from in case you only recognize how. Consequently here are a couple in the guidelines that I’ve observed valuable over the last several months while going to obtain.

To start with, work some homework! There are various distinct internet sites around offering buy guild wars 2 account in wonderful price ranges along with most, nevertheless price tag is merely one particular of the equation. It’s wonderful in case you just pay somewhat to the stuff, nevertheless in case this becomes forbidden in the operation, you’re choosing a critical loss. 

Check out unbiased testimonials involving just about any granted internet site while you’re attempting to find a fantastic place. Websites similar to mine, online community forum boards, and also other this sort of networks could show you a lot. Bizrate rates high a great deal of websites, which include one particular I’ve applied ahead of Toonstorm.com so you can easily find out just how good a site really is.

Up coming, somewhat prudence on the element could get further in direction of retaining your current bill safe and sound along with forbidden no cost. Don’t blab for you to anyone around you bought Guild wars 2 accounts. Mods along with Game masters only enjoy folks who accomplish given it creates banning these people simple. And in many cases they’re in some manner dozing with the controls, there are many avid gamer whom wish to manage or run interference for them guys. Only preserve the idea on your own and enjoy your fresh fruits of your respective job throughout safe and sound silence.

Yet another good plan shall be watchful precisely anyone spend on your guild wars 2 accounts. My friend and I merely have confidence in spots which may have money-back guarantees. Confident can make it less complicated that you can stay away from just about any loss using this type.

Expect this specific guidelines would likely reduce occasion along with acquired yet another high level involving GW2 gaming experience.


What to Do to avoid gaming Cons?

Every single one of these pointers I'm going to share with you is normally all of the wonderful knowledge, it also normally relates to you, for the world of warcraft gamers, subsequently after you’ve prepared all the decision to buy. I have definitely been kinda vague on how you can safely grab yourself a great deal. There’s quite a lot which might get wrong on the effort leading up to a fabulous delivery service which usually can be just as valuable like securing any properties and assets after doing that. For that reason that’s it just for in these days: I’m preparing to reveal obtaining a good quality dealer while you buy wow accounts for sale, it’s without any bother.

Foremost, do some homework. Preferably I don’t care about any algebra you have. What i'm saying is normally explore a niche site methodically prior to when you decide to purchase from individuals. You'll find loads about these cons which usually to appear all around you. Whatever at least one may well bilk an individual, in order that you must ensure of the fact that many people you’re transacting with enjoy a decent recognition. Benefit from internet websites like Bizrate, just where historical vendors such as Toonstorm.com have been ranked. Or at least google the site to see what comes up on third-party sites like mine.

So next, always make sure individuals keep a fabulous money-back guarantee. This is exactly larger than what you think it is. We’ve absorbed in just for allowed merit to all the enormous infomercials which are available, still whether a websites comes with this, it only suggests they’re ready to use most of the profit margins at risk to ascertain you’re safe. You’re much less apt to experience delivery service trouble with one of these internet websites when compared to almost every other ones.

Equally, make sure you decide to buy domestically. Basically no, your mom and pops open outlet stores aren’t toting buy wow account for sale relating to the display units. The things I’m possessing located at is normally keep on the stateside whenever possible. For anyone so, who wouldn't just remember, a spell lower back, within the smaller gameplay generally known as WoW, it has a fabulous patch. This patch 3. 1, missed a lot of outstanding cutting edge programs which usually snagged many, if does not enormous amounts, about Chinese language program based upon WoW gold farmers within the challenging small internet and additionally found every one banned from the game. This make sure of retribution from the members have been from them using this products and services. Ever since then vendors are utilizing this operation almost everywhere. Internet websites on the US don’t work the same guidelines as the Chinese language types happens to be, so that they aren’t like very clear for those GMs to be caught.

However, have fun gaming. I’ll meet up with you will down the road.


Hi folks,

As you've pretty noticed this will be descent of my new addiction in the game called Guild Wars 2. Been quite observant of my fella gamers lately and finely they've succeeded bugging me into playing this one. Glad did they did mind ya, the game is awesome.

Guild Wars 2 focuses on the players story - Your story after you've selected and created your own choice of character. Races range from the diminutive mystical scientists Asura, mysterious noble plant beings called Sylvari, of course there could be also Human, as noble and resilient as they are.Next are Norn, the towering heroes from the North and lastly Charr, the savage race of conquerors. Got your own bet of character well heres a sneak peak for all you newbies just like me. Enjoy!

video courtesy of youtube.com/user/arenanetofficial

Allow me to reveal something for the rest of you my dearest readers, I heard Toonstorm.com is vying to have Guild Wars 2 accounts, hmmm you bet thats wonderful anticipation for this fall. If you'd like to leave your current games you can sell accounts to them too. Just be sure safe read great reviews here.



Leveling Tips for High Level D3 gaming

An outstanding associate from mine seems to have considered it’s high time which he aid his dwindling funds and buy diablo 3 account to make certain that the guy might possibly be equipped for typically the potential levels.
Check out, he’s long been moving up typically the levels pretty late as of currently (who total reality in life gets in the way), and yet might be last of all prepared jump through ever again. But, he’s discovered his gear might be completely old-fashioned. In addition to, when ever this guy keep gaming and was really out of supplies, which means he’s in no way in your preferred spot to always be working at any sort of adventuring.Which means he gained in touch with everybody not to mention wanted to know everybody in help for the search. The initial thing we tend did was basically to move a google search for the purpose of buy diablo 3 accounts and then the search was on the roll.

buy diablo 3 accounts
We have weeded through a couple webpages have got not surprisingly counterfeit. They're possible less expensive diablo 3 accounts not to mention would definitely send out it again “within only two weeks”, that type of thing. Following that we tend to considered who we’d decide to avoid Chinese sites. He approximately got burned in WoW 4.3 patch thing, which means he’s long been a little bit of gushy since then.

Last of all, subsequent to all of that sites there was a small number left, so they virtually all did actually need just about an identical price not to mention delivery intervals. Because furthermore it's situation from contemplating typically the kind of feed back. We tend to checked insurance coverage, not to mention are checking out completely different reviews. The site who premiered typically the clean receiver was basically Toonstorm.com.
He purchase order and hopped on their live chat to ascertain the simplest way to see how things worked. Some representative help of our man not to mention had typically the workouts from verifying hes infos not to mention being certain all kinds of things was basically at the all the way up and up. Then they believed that order is going to be equipped through on the subject of 60 minutes.
He logged on and launched to browse a purchasing list to make certain that he’d be well prepared as soon as account got here through. He’d worked that by for around 30 minutes when then he received a message to chat for the goods. He headed out and grabbed all his goods. He was really content with ensure it is such a lot of more fast as opposed to what he expected. With the help of all of it the guy surely could pick up their self set up which means the guy might possibly without risk do numerous gamings not to mention increase his stockpile ever again.
A second fantastic review on this occasion. Pay attention the next occasion.


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