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Waah hearts floating everywhere...

...and a certain someone is cautiously dodging them hah! XD
Though I still make it a point to bake some sweet
for my family this hearts day
Do you have any traditions on V-day
Planning to dine out? Any gifts? :D

Well here's what I'm making take a peek...

sweetheart cherry pies
Strawberries + sugar + cream cheese + pie dough =  sweet tooth delight!!

In line with all of these heart talk, World of Warcraft launches guide fo
Love is in the Air (February 10 - February 23)

"Ah, love is in the air in the World of Warcraft: sweet flowers, perfume, and sharing gifts with loved ones! But, what's this? A sinister plot is afoot involving some shady goblin newcomers to the seasonal market--the Crown Chemical Company! It's up to us to help save Azeroth from their chemically altered goods all while spreading love and appreciation to our faction leaders and fellow players!"

"Love is in the Air starts on February 10 at 12:01 AM and ends on February 23 at 11:59 PM."

Common players we need to be seasonal...okay just a little bit it wouldn't hurt. :D Gear out for some not so mushy quest now or might consider some upgrades for your character, Toonstorm has it all.

Extremely important reminder folks : D3 1.0.7 Patch Notes is live!
Check them out today.

Survive the big V-day fellas, so will I! :D