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Hello my dear blogsters! What a roller coaster experience it was last weekend. Ha-Ha. Been at the global launch of yeah snear at me now, breaking dawn last saga. Hmmm so much for some chessy updates, I've got a new addiction in my twitter (its @magie_surfer if I haven't mentioned it to you guys). Grumpycat makes everything lighten I really think your should follow them. I am not a crazy cat lady but I do find him really adorable. Yeah heres a picture of foy you'all...

Well aside from this cat addiction, so much happened at the latest event from GuildWars 2 :  The Lost Shores. Heres a preview from the two days crazy event that was.

How cools is that! You can watch the whole thing in TwitchTV/guildwarsinsider XD I highly suggest you check out cool gears now for better gaming experience. Better yet why now try to look from these high level guild wars 2 account selection from the most trusted site Toonstorm.com . I give you some GW2 updates from here for you to follow :)
Stay tuned. I'll be covering the world championship Battle.net for my next posts.