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Howdy Daevas and Aion fanatics! Got a tons of update on my hand today. Foremost is the hot patch 3.5 update which involves the undying wrath of war against Tiamat and tons of changes and new contents. Luckily one of those new things is the cross-server dungeon finder which helps gamers find groups faster. Named as the united instance server system that allows players to que with other players from all servers. Isn't that cool enough? :D 

Heres more. Players gain buffs like EXP and higher item drop rates by using this cool system in PvE instance. Another reasons for low level gamers to rejoice. Here are some of the newly added instances in Aion 3.5 patch : 
  • Citadel of Tiamat
  • Dragon Lord's Sanctuary
  • The Third Crucible :  Arena of Cooperation
  • 3rd Crucible :  Arena of Glory

Catch some great visuals and further details on daevasreport.

Okay heres the great catch about this one. You can have guild mounts and guild wings are rewards plus guilds can progress upto level 8. Cool! Additional gear,mounts and wings on the roll. Much cooler! You can help the development progress of your town when you have completed the quests. Okay we have the blast of the coolest things here. :D

Right on heading to Atreia and your still undecided where to buy safe Aion accounts, theres a good catch at Toonstorm.com. Better yet be alert on the signs of gaming scams out there.